Willis Hal - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (CD)

Willis Hal - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (CD)


33 tracks – 20 page booklet

Hal Willis and his singing wife Ginger, were Canadian country musicians. When they were engaged for several tours in 1956 as Elvis Presley’s support act, Hal got a taste for it and began to compose and record rockabilly songs. With ”My Pink Cadillac” and ”Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo” he achieved two classics in this genre. He also successfully composed for other artists such as Patsy Cline, Wilburn Brothers, Charlie Walker, Jim Reeves and Bobby Helms. On the side, he recorded cover versions of current hits for budget companies or produced radio programmes for the US Army in Sam Phillips Nashville Studio. In the 1960s he finally found success in the charts, where he celebrated his greatest success with ”The Lumberjack”. This is the first compilation of Hal Willis’ best recordings from the 1950s and 60s, including two unreleased songs.

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Vuosi 2023

01 My Pink Cadillac
02 I’m Gonna Hitch My Hotrod To A Star
03 At The Hop
04 Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo
05 Ballad Of A Teen Age Queen
06 Great Balls Of Fire
07 Only The Tender Young Hearts
08 Crazy Little Mama
09 Poor Little Jimmie
10 That’s The Way It Goes
11 Peggy Sue
12 Walkin Dream
13 Wake Up Little Susie
14 Oh Lonesome Me
15 Bayou Pierre (Unreleased)
16 My Louisiana Belle (Unreleased)
17 Dig Me A Hole
18 The Lumberjack
19 Knopper The Topper
20 Creole Rose
21 When It’s Springtime In Alaska
22 Doggin’ In The Us Mail
23 Klondike Mike
24 Private Dick
25 North To Alaska
26 Jack The Lumberjack
27 Don’t Drop It
28 I’ll Be There
29 Loose Talk
30 Blue Blue Day
31 Crooked Heart
32 Wild Living
33 The Only Pleasure I’ll Get Tonight

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