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Platters - Ballads of The Platters (CD)


Some of the biggest hits of the Fifties, sung by the most successful vocal group of all time! These songs defined an era! Classics include ’Only You’, ’The Great Pretender’, ’My Prayer’, ’Twilight Time’, ’(You’ve Got) The Magic Touch’, ’Harbor Lights’ and ’Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’. Used in commercials, movies, and TV shows, these are some of the most memorable and best-known songs of our life!No vocal group dominated the American pop charts during the second half of the 1950s like The Platters. Though rock ’n’ roll was ascending with Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, The Platters stayed on top by going in the opposite direction. They crooned majestic ballads showcasing the stratospheric lead tenor of Tony Williams: ’Only You (And You Alone)’, ’The Great Pretender’, ’My Prayer’, ’Twilight Time’, ’Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’.’The Ballads Of The Platters’ contains all of those beloved classics and a great many more. 30 of this jam-packed disc’s 33 selections hail from the quintet’s vast Mercury Records catalog, the other three are rarities culled from their pre-stardom days at Federal Records. Once they settled in at Mercury, the Platters concentrated on gorgeous balladry. When they eased into one of their unforgettable hits, teens and adults alike swooned. Quality crosses all boundaries.With Bear Family’s usual attention to detail – in-depth liner notes by compiler Bill Dahl, a load of vintage photos, and full discography – ’Ballads Of The Platters’ is the ultimate single-disc overview of one of the top vocal groups of the 1950s. They effortlessly transcended classification as they climbed the pop and R&B charts time and again, and their thrilling ballads are sure to raise the same goose bumps they did when they first hit the airwaves!.

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  • 1. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  • 2. Only You (And You Alone)
  • 3. I'll Cry When You're Gone
  • 4. I Need You All The Time
  • 5. Tell The World
  • 6. Why Should I
  • 7. The Great Pretender
  • 8. I'm Just A Dancing Partner
  • 9. (You've Got) The Magic Touch
  • 10. Winner Take All
  • 11. My Prayer
  • 12. Heaven On Earth
  • 13. You'll Never, Never Know
  • 14. It Isn't Right
  • 15. On My Word Of Honor
  • 16. One In A Million
  • 17. I'm Sorry
  • 18. Glory Of Love
  • 19. Remember When
  • 20. In The Still Of The Night
  • 21. My Dream
  • 22. Only Because
  • 23. The Mystery Of You
  • 24. Helpless
  • 25. Twilight Time
  • 26. You're Making A Mistake
  • 27. I Wish
  • 28. No Matter What You Are
  • 29. Enchanted
  • 30. My Secret
  • 31. Harbor Lights
  • 32. To Each His Own
  • 33. I'll Never Smile Again


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