Batmobile - The First Demo Tape EP (Limited 500 copies) (Käytetty 7 single/EP)

Batmobile - The First Demo Tape EP (Limited 500 copies) (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


Okay Folks,
here we go with a kind of a pre-anouncement for our next release.
After 30 years and an endless row of requests by several record companies Batmobile decided that
they collaborate with Migraine Records to release their legendary demo, from 1984, on vinyl.
This 5-track demo circulated for ages in the inner circle of demo-tape collectors and die-hard Batmobile fans,
but never made it’s way on vinyl or similar.
So here you get the real deal with never heard before versions of some of their hits, incl. ”007 Rock” which never saw the light of day, until NOW!!!
To follow the path of our Torment demo releases, we at Migraine Records didn’t poshed up the original recordings, so feedbacks and surface noises are included for free…..
Like all Migraine Records Releases just 500 copies available.
If you like you can place a pre-order and we will post you the records as soon as they are ready to go!
As said above.release date is end of may 2015.
Please note that this is a officially Batmobile release.

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