Batmobile - The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz – Live At The Klub Foot (CD)

Batmobile - The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz – Live At The Klub Foot (CD)


ENNENJULKAISEMATON LIVE TALTIOINTI! This year Batmobile are celebrating their 25th Anniversary!

Batmobile are still touring and have always had the same line up, the band are immensely popular in Europe, Japan, USA and South America. These recordings have only just surfaced and have never been released before!

The Klub Foot was a legendary venue which became the centre of the whole Psychobilly scene These recordings are not only never-before-released, but they are GREAT quality. They were salvaged from a pile of unmixed, unreleased tapes found in the Link records storage when Cherry Red recently bought the Link catalogue. This album will be a must-have for all original Psychobillies, but will also appeal to the new, young Batmobile fans worldwide.

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  • 1. Transylvania Express
  • 2. Slapping Suspenders
  • 3. Love Disease
  • 4. Frenzy
  • 5. Mission Impossible
  • 6. Ballroom Blitz
  • 7. Zombie Riot
  • 8. Racing With The Sun
  • 9. Aint Gonna Drink No More
  • 10. Bat Attack
  • 11. Bamboo Land
  • 12. Chasin'
  • 13. Cold Sweat

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