Greer Dan - Beale Street Soul Man – The Sounds Of Memphis Sessions (CD)

Greer Dan - Beale Street Soul Man – The Sounds Of Memphis Sessions (CD)


Dan Greer was the producer and songwriter behind many Sounds Of Memphis recordings. This is the first ever CD of his classic 1970s recordings for the label. Originally the song-writing partner of George Jackson, by the early 70s he had gone his own way. He produced hits for the Ovations and Southern soul classics for Barbara Brown, Spencer Wiggins and the Minits. 19 of the 22 tracks are previously unreleased. The CD includes his own versions of songs he produced for other artists. These recordings are every bit as good as those of George Jackson. This is high-end Southern soul. The booklet includes an in-depth essay, and previously unseen photographs of Greer.

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  • 1. Thanks To You Girl
  • 2. Shell Of A Man
  • 3. She's Not Mama s Little Girl
  • 4. Hook Line And Sinker
  • 5. You're Slipping Away
  • 6. Take A Look At Yourself
  • 7. I Love You But You Don't Love Me
  • 8. Peace & Love
  • 9. Hell Paso (Part 1)
  • 10. Voodoo Woman
  • 11. Bless You
  • 12. I'm A Lucky Guy
  • 13. How Does It Feel
  • 14. It Hurts To Lose At Love
  • 15. What Good Is A Man
  • 16. Any Moment Now
  • 17. Only The Beginning
  • 18. Natural Reaction
  • 19. Mistaken Identity
  • 20. When Will It All End
  • 21. Share
  • 22. So Good To Be Young