BellFuries - Just Plain Lonesome + Bonus (10th Anniversary Edition) (CD)

BellFuries - Just Plain Lonesome + Bonus (10th Anniversary Edition) (CD)


TAAS LÖYTYY VARASTOSTA! YKSI PARHAISTA! 50`s tyylin rockabillyä! Jos Number Nine ja Go Cat Go iskevät, niin sitten tämäkin! TOIMI!!! The long-awaited CD from one of the hottest bands in Austin, who always pack the dance floors with their infectious brand of rockabilly mixed with hints of other influences, that is innovative yet familiar. Joey Simeone’s strong and excellent vocals are spotlighted on this album. Josh Williams, arguably the best up and coming slap bassist on the scene, makes a drummer redundant since his rhythmic skills provide a solid base for the band, while Bobby Horton lends his well-known talents on guitar and steel.

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  • 1. So Sad And Lonely
  • 2. Wasted On Him
  • 3. Teenage Boogie
  • 4. Take It To The Chapel
  • 5. Just Plain Lonesome
  • 6. Gonna Make It Alone
  • 7. Your Love
  • 8. I Don`t Wanna Wake Up Tomorrow
  • 9. Up To Your Old Tricks Again
  • 10. Hey Mr. Locomotive
  • 11. You Must Be A Loser
  • 12. Stealing Kisses
  • 13. Love Found Me
  • 14. Baltimore
  • 15. Take It To The Chapel
  • 16. Letter To My Maybe Baby
  • 17. Wasted On Him
  • 18. Mr Moonlight
  • 19. Ain't A Bump In THe Road
  • 20. Death Of An Idol
  • 21. This Love Ain't So Bad
  • 22. The Only Ghost There Is Me

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