Berry Chuck - From The Chess Vaults 6EP Boxset (7 single/EP)

Berry Chuck - From The Chess Vaults 6EP Boxset (7 single/EP)


What can be said about Chuck Berry that hasn’t been said before? The greatest rock’n’roll poet has been celebrated tons of times, in books, records, essays; his music has influenced several artists’ generations, his guitar style mimicked thousands of times… rock’n’roll cannot be conceived without Chuck Berry, being him the artist that probably better represents the genre’s holy trinity: musician, singer and composer, all in one and at the same level of proficiency.

Far away from pretending to compile the greatest hits of Chuck Berry, the box that you are holding in your hands tries to give you a new perspective of what Chuck Berry’s music meant during his beginnings at Chess Records.

In the 6 EPs included in this collection you will find alternative takes of some of his greatest hits together with some of his less known songs, some of which were part of his LPs and some others that have remained unpublished in vinyl until today. To finish off we have included the two songs that integrated The Ecuadors’ single; the vocal band that accompanied Berry in several of his hits and for whom Chuck contributed as guitarist for their only single for Argo, Chess subsidiary.
Unusual Chuck Berry, play it and enjoy!

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Upea! Mahtava jatko Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent (2), Johnny Burnette ja Hank Williams sarjaan. Harvinaisuuksia sekä muutama ennenjulkaisematon biisi vinyylillä!!


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Side A:
Rock And Roll Music - 56' demo
Driftin' Heart - master

Side B:
13 Question Method - 1st version
Reelin' And Rockin' - take 1
Side A:
Sweet Little Sixteen - take 11
Johnny B. Goode - take 3

Side B:
Beautiful Delilah - take 16
Twenty One Blues - master
Side A:
House Of Blue Lights - master
Oh, Yeah! - master

Side B:
Sweet Little Rock'n'roller - take 5
Little Queenie - take 8
Side A:
Betty Jean - take 17
County Line - master

Side B:
Broken Arrow - take 21
Childhood Sweetheart - alt. take
Side A:
I Just Want To Make Love to You - take 3
Too Pooped To Pop - take A4

Side B:
Let It Rock - alt. mix
I Still Got The Blues - undubbed take
Side A:
Brow Eyed Handsome Man - undubbed take
The Man And The Donkey - undubbed take

Side B:
Let Me Sleep Woman - The Ecuadors
Say You'll Be Mine - The Ecuadors

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