Nelson Rick - Best Always/Love And Kisses (CD)

Nelson Rick - Best Always/Love And Kisses (CD)


Kaksi 60-luvun Decca albumia samalla cd:llä.

This is the third release in our reissue programme of Rick Nelson’s Decca repertoire which spanned a 20 year period. During this time, Rick moved from mainstream rock’n’roll into pop, and then into country.

Both BEST ALWAYS and LOVE & KISSES were released in 1965, but sound very similiar to Rick’s 1964 releases THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU and SPOTLIGHT ON RICK – in fact they sound as though all four albums could have been recorded on the same day.

This latest 2-on-1 features Rick’s regular band, with James Burton on lead, augmented by Bill Strange and Jerry Kolbrak on rhythm guitars.

When Rick released these albums the Beatles were dominating the US charts, with acts such as Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits and the Rolling Stones hot on their heels. Acts which had come in with rock’n’roll a decade earlier were considered has beens in the US. But throughout the rest of the world, Rick still had a strong following and these albums sold very well. 33 years on it’s a good time to re-assess the material that was dismissed at the time.

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  • 1. I'm Not Ready For You Yet
  • 2. You Don't Know Me
  • 3. Ladies Choice
  • 4. Lonely Corner
  • 5. Only The Young
  • 6. Mean Old World
  • 7. I Know A Place
  • 8. Since I Don't Have You
  • 9. It's Beginning To Hurt
  • 10. My Blue Heaven
  • 11. How Does It Go
  • 12. When The Chips Are Down
  • 13. Love And Kisses
  • 14. I Catch Myself Crying
  • 15. Love Is Where You Find It
  • 16. Try To Remember
  • 17. Our Own Funny Way
  • 18. Liz
  • 19. Say You Love Me
  • 20. More
  • 21. Raincoat In The River
  • 22. Come Out Dancin'
  • 23. I Should Have Loved You More
  • 24. I Paid For Loving You

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