Penny Joe - Bip A Little Bop A Lot! (CD)

Penny Joe - Bip A Little Bop A Lot! (CD)


30 tracks – 16 page booklet

Joe Pennington began his career when he joined country legend Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys as a guitarist in 1947. After the army and as a member of other country bands, such as Jimmy Dickens and Lefty Frizzell, he turned his attention to his solo career in the 1950s and began composing and recording rockabilly and rock & roll songs as Joe Penny. His ’Bip A Little, Bop A Lot’ and ’Mercy, Mercy, Percy’ became ’dancefloor fillers’ during the rockabilly revival of the 70s and 80s. In addition to his record releases, many unreleased rock & roll and rockabilly songs from the 1950s are included here.

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01 Run Along Girls
02 What’s The Score (1957)
03 Sputnik Baby
04 Hep Teen
05 Turn It On
06 Gracious Gracie
07 Mercy, Mercy, Percy
08 Bip A Little, Bop A Lot
09 Since You Left Me
10 Pony Tail Partner
11 Angel Baby
12 Dance Contest
13 Large Economy Size
14 Earthquake
15 Three Rockin’Mice
16 Rock’n’Roll Call
17 I Need My Freda
18 Blues On Fire
19 Soda Pop Rock
20 Hello Darlin’
21 Saddle Up
22 Elevator Love
23 Perlie Mae
24 I Ain’t Gonna Play No Rock And Roll
25 Never Pick Your Peaches Green
26 Old Black Maria
27 Frosty Window Pane
28 Hatty Fatty J
29 What’s The Score (1964)
30 When Your Woman Turns Bad

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