Various - Blast From The Past : Volume One: Rare Teenage Classics 1960-1965 (Käytetty CD)

Various - Blast From The Past : Volume One: Rare Teenage Classics 1960-1965 (Käytetty CD)


Rare CD!!

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1 Al Kasha– Sing
2 Hank Price III– How Will It End?
3 Hank Price III– House At The End Of The Block
4 Little Bernie And The Blazers– My Love, I Have You
5 The Uniques (5)– I’m So Unhappy
6 Johnny MacRae– Such A Fool
7 Mickie Allan– My Hometown
8 Steve O’Neil (2)– I Want You To Be My Baby
9 Wade Flemons– Keep On Loving Me
10 Janie Pense– Big You, Little Me
11 Ritchie Adams– What Took You So Long?
12 Robert Knight (4)– Dance Only With Me
13 Keith Colley– Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
14 Gene Ross (3)– True Love
15 Larry Tamblyn– This Is The Night
16 Ed Townsend– Stay With Me
17 Billy Mitchell (18)– You Know I Do
18 Eddie Roberts (4)– Immaculate Love
19 The Gleams– You Broke My Heart
20 Paul Greenwood (3)– Picture Of A Girl
21 Jimmy Curtis*– Love Sweet Love
22 Bobby Dale– Love Me More
23 George Camp– Wonderful
24 Bobby Marchan– PLook At My Heart
25 Marci And The Mates– Shall I Tell Him You’re Not Here?
26 Terri Allan– Can’t Run To Daddy
27 Bobby Pedrick– That Girl Is You
28 Bobby Pedrick– Dancing And Dining
29 Barbara Chandler– It Hurts To Be Sixteen
30 The Magics (5)– Chapel Bells
31 Mike France– Leave My Past Behind
32 Jamie Maher (2)– I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way
33 Rod Bernard– These Were Our Songs

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