Higgins Chuck - Blows His Wig! (CD)

Higgins Chuck - Blows His Wig! (CD)


Album Description

 Along with his contemporaries Big Jay McNeely and Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins was one of the three kings of post-WWII Los Angeles R&B sax blasting.

 During the 1950s Higgins and his group the Mellotones cut around 100 slabs of mostly hot rockin’ R&B for just about every LA R&B indie you could think of. This CD spotlights his work for Jake Porter’s Combo Records and is full of the reckless, good-time rhythm & blues that everyone associates with that label’s output.

 The earliest of the sides included here feature the first recorded vocal performances of Johnny Guitar” Watson (then primarily known as a boogie piano man) – including the original master of ’Motor Head Baby’, from which a certain famous heavy metal power trio got their name.

 Also featured are some classic early R&B rockers with vocals by Chuck’s brother Fred – aka ”Daddy Cleanhead” – all of which are highly prized by collectors of uptempo rhythm ’n’ rock.

 Hardly any of these tracks have ever been on CD before – and three have never been issued before.

 A perfect companion to Ace’s ongoing ”The Central Avenue Scene” and ”Mellow Cats And Kittens” series.

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  • 1. Iron Pipe
  • 2. Blues And Mambo
  • 3. Long Long Time (Vocal By Frank Dunn)
  • 4. Boyle Heights
  • 5. Blue Sax
  • 6. Papa Charlie (Vocal By Daddy Cleanhead)
  • 7. The Duck Walk
  • 8. Tortas
  • 9. Stormy (Vocal: John Watson)
  • 10. Higgins Bounce (Take 2)
  • 11. Higgins Blues (Take 1)
  • 12. Cotton Picker (Vocal By Geechie Howard)
  • 13. Motor Head Baby (Vocal By John Watson)
  • 14. The Rooster
  • 15. West Side (Take 1)
  • 16. I Ain't Gonna Leave, Baby
  • 17. I'm In Love With You (Take 2) (Vocal By Ora Mae Garvin)
  • 18. Higgins Bounce (Take 1)
  • 19. Higgins Blues (Take 2)
  • 20. Love Me, Baby (Take 1)
  • 21. Just Won't Treat Me Right (Vocal By John Watson)
  • 22. Chuck's Wig
  • 23. Real Gone Hound Dog (Vocal By Daddy Cleanhead)
  • 24. Big Fat Mama (Vocal By Daddy Cleanhead)

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