McCray Larry - Blues Without You (CD)

McCray Larry - Blues Without You (CD)


Underrated and overlooked blues guitar veteran Larry McCray finally gets his due with the help of producer team Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith. After growing up with his incredible talent, Joe and Josh felt it was time for the world to discover this gem. With 11 original tracks (plus one cover song), this new album showcases Larry’s powerhouse, soulful vocals, blazing guitar playing, and amazing songwriting. Joe Bonamassa, Warren Haynes and Joanna Connor all appear as featured guests.

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Vuosi 2022

1 Arkansas
2 Without Love It Doesn’t Matter
3 Good Die Young
4 Down to the Bottom Featuring Warren Haynes
5 Breaking News
6 Roadhouse Blues
7 Drinkin’ Liquor and Chasin’ Women Featuring Joanna Connor
8 Blues Without You (For Paul)
9 Mr. Easy Featuring Joe Bonamassa
10 No More Crying
11 Put Your Dreams to Bed
12 I Play the Blues