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Collie Mark - Book Of My Blue (CD)


Mark Collie presents the adventures of the Rockabilly Hitman in – ”Book Of My Blues”, a ground-breaking multi-media Graphic Album. This smokey fifteen song project chronicles the tale of Jessie Wayne Har- din aka the ”Rockabilly Hit-man”. The audience joins this journey of misadventure as Hardin balances the moral scales of good and evil in the service of rock and roll. Accompanying this revolutionary album is a three chapter graphic novel with the original story by Mark Collie and Jonathon Hensleigh (Armageddon, The Punisher) and written by Hensleigh. The story of the Book of My Blues springs to life through music and graphic images in what is sure to become a collector’s classic.

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Paino 0,1 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja BFD
Vuosi 2021
Video https://youtu.be/ovdCP7JQ0yY

1 Book of My Blues
2 Born Ready
3 Wings of Your Love
4 Right This Wrong
5 Matchbox
6 Holly Springs
7 Unfinished Hurting
8 Queen of a Hungry Heart (The Wager)
9 Sinking Sand
10 Hey Boba Lou
11 Put the Gun Down
12 Walk the Floor, Kill the Lights, Slam the Door
13 A Little Everyday
14 The Son of a Gun
15 Night Train to Memphis

Collie Mark

  • Collie Mark - Book Of My Blue (2LP) (LP)