Various - Boss Black Rockers Vol 7 – Wow Wow Baby (LP)

Various - Boss Black Rockers Vol 7 – Wow Wow Baby (LP)


Dear Cats and Kittens, dig this cool array of killer black rock and roll from the ”Golden Age” of American music. So many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only ”originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black ”Rhythm and Blues” music was suddenly re-named ”Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Some tunes on ”Boss Black Rockers” are pretty well-known and some are pretty obscure – even if a lot of those were actually pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this series were actually household names in the ”Rock and Roll World” of the ’50s and early ’60s. I sure hope with this great series to finally set things straight. After the massive success of this series on CD, we finally decided to release ”Boss Black Rockers” on vinyl LPs, cherry-picking the best songs ( a very hard task) from each and every volume. Dig it!

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi KM-LP-111
Tuottaja Koko Mojo
Vuosi 2022

A1. Emmet Davis – How About It Baby (McCoy) M and B 101
A2. Wild Child Gipson – Uncle John (Gipson) Hit 2001
A3. Larry Birdsong – I’m Pleading Just For You (Birdsong) Vee Jay 254
A4. Bobby Hendricks – Cast Your Vote (Jenkins) Sue 710
A5. The Searchers – Wow Wow Baby (Martin, Byrd) Class 223
A6. Sugar Boy Crawford – Round and Round (Bryan, Montel) Montel SJM 1003
A7. Artie Wilson – Jerry Jerry (Weissman, Wilson) Kent 45×313
B1. Angel Face – I know (Johnson) Speciality 684
B2. The Monitors – Rock n Roll Fever (Phoenix, Kidd) Speciality 622
B3. Bobby Mitchell – I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday (Bartholomew, Hayes) Imperial X5475
B4. The Paragons – Hey Little School Girl (Paragons, Winley) Winley 215
B5. Paul Kirk – Ready Little Steady (Wright, Kirk) Urania 5006
B6. Otis Redding – Hey Hey Baby (Redding) Volt 103
B7. Joe Jones – California Sun (Glover) Roulette 4344

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