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Howlin’ Wolf - Boy, You Got More Blues Here! Vol. 2 (10``LP)


1-LP 10inch vinyl with booklet, 45 RPM, 10 tracks, total playing time 28:40 min.
Second album with more great recordings from the earliest sessions (1951 and 1952) featuring Chester Burnett aka The Howlin’ Wolf.
The recordings were made by Sam Phillips at his Memphis Recording Service.
At the time, these recordings remained unreleased!
These masters and alternate versions were discovered decades later.
Howlin’ Wolf is one of the giants of the blues with his hard electric blues style and his unique voice that is just bursting with power.
Guitarist Willie Johnson – one of the first to get such brutal sounds out of an amp in the blues … luckily the amp barely survived those sessions.
Digitally copied from the original sources and currently remastered for the vinyl edition using state-of-the-art studio technology: both 10″ albums sound fantastic!
The liner notes and discographical details in the illustrated booklet are by British blues expert and music historian Martin Hawkins.
Also available: ’Boy, You Got The Blues There!’ (BAF14031) with another 10 originally unreleased early Memphis recordings.

This and the recently released 10″ vinyl LP ’Boy You Got The Blues There!’ (BAF14031) provide radically remastered early recordings that already reflect the later Chicago blues style of one of the most important exponents of the blues ever!

Captured between May 1951 and early 1953 at the Memphis Recording Service by producer and engineer Sam Phillips, these very first recordings of Chester Burnett aka The Howlin’ Wolf were made when the singer, guitarist and harmonica player was already over forty years old.

A true Methuselah among fellow bluesmen, his modest reputation at the time was an insignificant local radio show across the Mississippi River at KWEM in West Memphis.
It was Sam Phillips who first saw the man’s potential. He had never heard a voice like that, that power, that manliness.

That very spring of 1951, Phillips sold his Wolf recordings to Chess Records in Chicago. The first release, How Many More Years, became a national R&B hit at number four on the charts that summer.

The Howlin’ Wolf recorded for Sam Phillips in Memphis for only two years; that time was enough for him and his band with congenial guitarist Willie Johnson to perfect many of his signature phrases, howlers, rhythms, grooves, riffs and solos.

Sam Phillips captured all of these moments of musical development in the ten tracks on this album (and in the ten other recordings on the companion album, ’Boy, You Got The Blues There!’), which lay unreleased in Phillips’ band archives for twenty-five years until they were finally rediscovered.

These recordings signify a milestone in the development of a modern electric blues style of playing after World War II. Never before had such gruff, loud and frightening sounds been recorded and released! The music from these Memphis sessions is vital to all blues fans and never sounded better!

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Mitat 26 × 26 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi BAF14032
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2023

01 Mr. Highway Man / Cadillac Daddy
02 Color And Kind
03 My Baby Walked Off
04 Baby Ride With Me (Ridin’ In The Moonlight)
05 Dorothy Mae #2
06 Smile At Me
07 Decoration Day Blues
08 California Blues
09 Well That’s All Right
10 CV Wine Blues / Drinkin’ C V Wine

Howlin’ Wolf

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