Various - Bristol Sessions 1927-28-Country Music’s Big Bang (CD)

Various - Bristol Sessions 1927-28-Country Music’s Big Bang (CD)


The sessions held in 1927 in Bristol, TN have been described as the ’Big Bang of Country Music’. No other description will suffice. A&R man Ralph Peer had already made field recordings throughout the South, but even he must have been amazed at the riches he encountered in Bristol. The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers’ contributions to the sessions are already available on JSP box sets (JSP7701 and JSP7704) but there’s plenty left to entertain and enlighten. Apart from Rodgers and the Carters, few of the other artists involved had enduring recording careers, which makes this collection even more fascinating – it’s a glimpse at a long-vanished America. Key to the 1927 sessions was Ernest V. Stoneman who helped Peer with organizing the sessions, and also performed on many of the tracks. He was one of the few who would continue to record for some years to come, in contrast to The Johnson Brothers, on record from 1927-30; Alfred G. Karnes – 1927/28 (the Bristol dates being his only venture in to the recording studios), and Blind Alfred Reed – 1927/29. Others such as Mr. And Mrs. J.W. Baker, Nester and Edmonds and the Tennessee Mountaineers paid just the one visit to the studios. As well as changing tastes, many of these artists fell victim to the Depression – record sales would slump and would not reach 1929 levels until World War 2.

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