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All of us are broken. But no-one is beyond repair. It’s a philosophy that Walter Trout has lived by during seven volatile decades at the heart of America’s society and blues-rock scene. Even now, with the world more fractured than ever – by politics, economics, social media and culture wars – the fabled US bluesman’s latest album, Broken, chronicles the bitter schisms of modern life but refuses to succumb to them. “I’ve always tried to write positive songs, and this album is not quite that,” considers the 72-year-old of an all-original tracklisting that rages and soothes. “But I always hold on to hope. I think that’s why I wrote this album.” With gallows humour, Trout notes that his new album opens with a track called Broken and ends with one called Falls Apart. He can’t deny the socio-political mood in the air, and as such, between those two bookends lie some of the most personal, bruised songs of his career (albeit twinned to some of his most rocking and defiant guitar work). Features guest appearances by Will Wilde, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Beth Hart (on the title track).

Trout Walter - Broken (CD)


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Tuottaja Mascot
Vuosi 2024

1. Broken (Feat. Beth Hart)
2. Turn and Walk Away
3. Courage in the Dark
4. Bleed (Feat. Will Wilde)
5. Talkin’ to Myself
6. No Magic (In the Street)
7. I’ve Had Enough (Feat. Dee Snider)
8. Love of My Life
9. Breathe
10. Heaven or Hell
11. I Wanna Stay
12. Falls Apart

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