Brown James - (Can You) Feel It ! (180g) (LP)

Brown James - (Can You) Feel It ! (180g) (LP)


This Waxtime collector’s edition contains 20 remastered studio tracks, including the fabulous early singles – both A & B sides – James Brown made for the Federal and King labels, between 1959 and 1962. Brown’s early repertoire, much of which is presented on this indispensable LP set, marks one of the most important building blocks of the soul and funk idioms. Highlights include “Shout and Shimmy,” “Night Train,” “It Was You,” and the instrumental numbers “Cross Firing” and “Hold It.” Brown’s back-up singer Yvonne Fair is also featured belting out the original version of the worldwide smash “I Got You (I Feel Good)” titled “I Found You.” These recordings provide an opportunity to hear JB paying homage to his early influences. R&B balladry, doo wop, gospel and blues are all evident throughout this collection of songs. Those more familiar with Brown’s later work may be surprised to hear his delicate croon on “I Love You, Yes I Do,” but the urgency and emotion he displays even in this early incarnation are par for the course.

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Side One
1. Good Good Lovin’
2. It Was You
3. I’ll Go Crazy
4. Think
5. And I Do Just What I Want
6. Hold It
7. Cross Firing
8. You’ve Got The Power
9. The Bells
10. Bewildered

Side Two
1. I Don’t Mind
2. I Love You, Yes I Do
3. I Found You
4. Night Train
5. Shout & Shimmy
6. Mashed Potatoes U.S.A
7. (Can You) Feel It
8. Three Hearts In A Tangle
9. Choo Choo (Locomotion)

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