Various - Burlesque A Rama Volume 1 (CD)

Various - Burlesque A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


“The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continues with Burlesque-A-Rama Atomicat (ACCD114) an album which is stuffed full of sounds, especially for the ladies to express themselves on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life while playing the album is more than possible!”

Atomicat Records present breezy and exotic sounds throughout Burlesque Craze -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD0115) and the twenty-eight songs are a delightful reason for the ladies to buy a costume and dance at home or on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life is more than possible! You will hear one song from 1948 then the songs are sourced from the golden years from the early 1950s through to 1962. Most certainly some titles have a cross-over appeal and you can stroll or jive along with them. The album moves away from the jazz aspect of the Burlesque style and serves up a hot plate of sounds that migrate towards rhythm & blues, and rock ‘n’ roll music.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi ACCD114
Tuottaja Atomicat
Vuosi 2022

01 Louis Prima, Keely Smith and Sam Butera Fever (Davenport, Cooley) Capitol EP 1959
02 LaVern Baker I Can’t Love You Enough (Burton, Plummer, Bake) Atlantic 1956
03 Otis Rush and His Band Keep On Loving Me (Rush) Cobra 1959
04 Paul Gayton Hot Cross Buns (Pyatt, Kernin) Anna 1959
05 Christine Kittrell I’m Just What You’re Looking For (Bubis) Champion 1959
06 Jody Reynolds The Fire Of Love (Reynolds, Sturdivant) Demon 1958
07 Diana Cole Much Rockin’ To Do (Mysels, Kosloff, Kabak) Josie 1956
08 Joe Alexander Oh Maria (Washington, Alexander) Ballad 1955
09 Varetta Dillard Easy, Easy Baby (Toombs) Savoy 1952
10 Hank Ballard Sexy Ways (Ballard) Federal 1954
11 Cleo Brown Baby, Let’s Make Some Love (Williams) Blue 1951
12 The X Rays I’ll Always Be In Love With You (Green, Ruby, Stept ) Savoy 1948
13 Bill Doggett (vocal) Tommy Brown Honky Tonk (Butler, Ellis) King 1956
14 Larry Birdsong Three Times Seven (Jarrett) Calvert 1956
15 Luther and Little Eva Love Is Strange (Smith, Baker) King 1957
16 Quinn Miller The Sea Witch (Hoffman) Magnet 1959
17 Duane Eddy Stalkin’ (Eddy, Hazelwood) Jamie 1958
18 Wynonie Harris Don’t Take My Whiskey Away (Palmer) King 1954
19 Willie Mae Thornton My Man Called Me (Scott, Robey) Peacock 1957
20 Eddie Banks Sugar Diabetes (Turner) Josie 1956
21 Sammy Price Rib Joint (Price, David) Savoy 1956
22 Dolly Lyon Palm of Your Hand (Thomas) Apollo 1957
23 Bill Haley and His Comets Hawk (Jones, Thomas) Warner Bros. 1960
24 Vince Everett Don’t Go (Benefield) ABC-Paramount 1962
25 Nina Simone The Gal From Joe’s (Mills, Ellington) Colpix LP 1962
26 Percy Mayfield Loose Lips (Mayfield) Specialty 1954
27 John Lee Hooker Hug And Squeeze (Hooker, Ling) Modern 1954
28 Ann Corio and Sonny Lester Blues To Strip By (Grundy, Lester, Levy) Roulette LP 1962

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