Burnette Johnny - The Ballads Of (CD)

Burnette Johnny - The Ballads Of (CD)


The softer side of a rock ’n’ roll god! Includes two early ’60s classics, ’You’re Sixteen’ (later revived by Ringo Starr) and ’Dreamin”. Fabulous early ’60s Los Angeles pop, produced by the legendary Snuff Garrett. — These days, Johnny Burnette is justly renowned as one of the all-time wildest rockabillies, who made maybe the greatest-ever rockabilly recordings. But there was another side to Johnny Burnette. After his rockabilly singles failed, he moved to Los Angeles, wrote songs for Ricky Nelson, and soon became a teen idol in his own right. This set includes his five Hot 100 entries from the early ’60s, all produced by the legendary Snuff Garrett with the cream of the Los Angeles session men, plus rarities, obscurities, and simply great performances. In addition to his own fine songs and big hits, this compilation includes classic songs like ’My Special Angel’, ’Please Help Me I’m Falling’, ’Roses Are Red’, ’Moody River’, and many others. There’s a bonus in the shape of ’Clown Shoes’, a neglected classic written by James Marcus Smith, who would later find fame in England as P. J. Proby. — Johnny Burnette died in a boating accident in 1964. He’d led a short, often wild, life, but this is the other side of his considerable legacy.

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  • 1. Dreamin'
  • 2. Clown Shoes
  • 3. My Special Angel
  • 4. Please Help Me I'm Falling
  • 5. Shattered Dreams
  • 6. I'll Never Love Again
  • 7. Love Me
  • 8. You're Sixteen
  • 9. I Just Found Out
  • 10. Settin' The Woods On Fire
  • 11. Don't Do It
  • 12. It's Only Make Believe
  • 13. I Love You So
  • 14. Dream Lover
  • 15. You're So Fine
  • 16. Pledge Of Love
  • 17. I Beg Your Pardon
  • 18. Big Big World
  • 19. The Fool
  • 20. Walk On By
  • 21. You're The Reason
  • 22. Hello Walls
  • 23. God, Country And My Baby
  • 24. Just Out Of Reach
  • 25. Moody River
  • 26. It's My Way
  • 27. Roses Are Red
  • 28. Bigger Man
  • 29. Less Than A Heartbeat
  • 30. Little Boy Sad

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