Rockin` Ryan And The Real Goners - Caged Heat (CD)

Rockin` Ryan And The Real Goners - Caged Heat (CD)


Fresh from the studio with their brand new release Caged Heat”, Rockin Ryan’ and The Real Goners are on tour and in search of young virgins and naughty kittens. The band serves up a spicy mix of classic rockabilly, Sonics-like garage, alt-country and authentic 50s-style rock n’ roll. Dig the sounds of LA’s infamous rock n’ roll delinquents – Rockin’ Ryan and The Real Goners!”

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  • 1. Spider-Legged Baby
  • 2.   Rock On The Moon
  • 3.   Get On or Get Off
  • 4.   Caged Heat (Garage Version)
  • 5.   Beat That Love Out
  • 6.   Hey Teen Baby
  • 7.   Wasting Time
  • 8.   Hot Headed Mama
  • 9.   Hobo Husband
  • 10.   When's Daddy Getting' Paid
  • 11.   Wild For You Baby
  • 12.   Deacon Jones' Wife
  • 13.   You Done Lied
  • 14.   Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes
  • 15.   Please Tease Louise
  • 16.   Caged Heat (Stroller Version)
  • 17.   Hot Headed Mama (Hidden Version)

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