Cash Box Kings - Holding Court (CD)

Cash Box Kings - Holding Court (CD)


The Cash Box Kings continue to be the torch bearers of the classic sounds of Chicago blues. On their latest release, they pay homage to some of the founding fathers of the Chicago blues scene like Jimmy Rogers, and John Lee Hooker while also introducing the musical contributions of lesser known blues artists like Honey Boy Allen , Willie Love, and Big Smokey Smothers. While the CBKs have their feet firmly planted in these timeless musical traditions, they bring a spirited energy and updated approach to the music. While the subject matter of many of the songs is familiar (love, money and good times) they also touch on a number of current issues. Download Blues portrays the challenges of selling records and staying financially afloat in the era of digital piracy and streaming services. Gotta Move out to the Suburbs describes the real struggle faced by many who are forced out of their neighborhoods due to the gentrification taking place in inner-city areas of Chicago and other urban centers in the U.S.

As the band s fan base and acclaim continue to grow, the Cash Box Kings are more dedicated and energetic than ever in their quest to keep these uniquely American musical traditions alive and relevant in the 21st Century.

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1. I Ain't Gonna Be No Monkey Man
2. Download Blues
3. Gotta Move Out To The Suburbs
4. Cash Box Boogie
5. Hobo Blues
6. Baby Without You
7. Juju
8. Everybody s Fishin
9. Out On The Road
10. Sugar Pea
11. I Miss You Miss Anne
12. I m A Real Lover
13. Quarter To Blue

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