Cash Johnny - Canta En Español (RSD, Picture Disc) (7 single/EP)

Cash Johnny - Canta En Español (RSD, Picture Disc) (7 single/EP)


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On July 27, 1963, Johnny Cash’s single Ring Of Fire / I’d Still Be There  reached number 1 on the country charts, eventually reaching number  17 on the pop charts. The song composed by Anita Carter and Merle  Kilgore, that Johnny once dreamed playing it backed by a mariachi was recorded on April 23. Don Law the producer didn’t got a whole  mariachi but a couple of trumpets completed with the always effective Jack Clement, who had already produced several recordings of Cash  on Sun Records, taking care of getting everything underway. The single  caused the renewal of Cash’s deal with Columbia for 5 more years and  someone thought that Ring Of Fire would be a good bet to introduce  him to the Hispanic recoring market by doing a version sung in spanish.   So in September of 1963 Cash made the vocal overdub for Ring Of Fire, and also for his bullfightin´  hit The Matador, both in an vigorous but far from decent spanish. 

Both songs appeared in Spain on an EP and  are the only two songs that Johnny Cash tried in the language of Cervantes.  
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SIDE A - Fuego De Amor
March 25, 1963 - Columbia Recording Studio
Jack H. Clement: guitar, Luther Perkins: guitar
Marshall Grant: bass, W.S. Holland: drums
Bill Pursell: piano, Karl R. Garvin: trumpet
Bill McElhiney: trumpet
SIDE B - El Matador
June 12, 1963 - Columbia Recording Studio
Same musicians as above except  
Floyd Cramer: piano, Don Helms: steel guitar

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