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DO THE HIP-SHAKE BABY! Is the brilliant follow-up to harmonica ace BOB CORRITOREs acclaimed 2018 release, DON’T LET THE DEVIL RIDE.

The thirteen songs culled from recording sessions from 2016 to 2018 feature an amazing array of special guests, including Alabama Mike, Sugaray Rayford, Oscar Wilson, Henry Gray, Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry, Jimi Primetime Smith, The Fremonts, Andy T band featuring Anson Funderburgh, Junior Watson, Kid Ramos, Johnny Main, Bob Stroger, Fred Kaplan, Bob Welsh, LA Jones, Adrianna Marie, Nathan James and more!

Sterling vocalists, amazing guitarists, killer piano, fantastic rhythm sections, and Bob Corritore’s soulful harmonica to connect it all together. This is a carefully assembled collection of fun loving blues, rhythm and blues, early rock n roll, soul and gospel rock songs. Imagine a live-music dance-club in 1968 complete with go-go dancers! Bob refers to this as his Harmonica-a-go-go album! Mixed at Greaseland Studios by Kid Andersen, this the 14th album of Corritores illustrious career, and his best yet!

Corritore Bob And Friends - Do The Hip-shake Baby (CD)


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    1. Shake Your Hips (Feat. Mighty Joe Milsap)
    2. Gonna Tell Your Mother (Feat. Alabama Mike & L.A. Jones)
    3. Bitter Seed (Feat. Oscar Wilson)
    4. The Twist (Feat. Henry Gray)
    5. You Better Slow Down (Feat. Bill 'Howl-N-Madd' Perry)
    6. Worried Blues (Feat. Alabama Mike)
    7. Love Deep As the Ocean (Feat. John Primer)
    8. Trying to Make a Living (Feat. Sugaray Rayford & Junior Watson)
    9. Stand By Me (Feat. Alabama Mike & Andy T)
    10. I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got (Feat. Mighty Joe Milsap)
    11. I Got the World in a Jug (Feat. John 'Primetime' Smith)
    12. Few More Days (Feat. Alabama Mike)
    13. Keep the Lord on with You! (Feat. Sugaray Rayford & Kid Ramos)

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