Southern Culture On The Skids - Countrypolitan Favorites (CD)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Countrypolitan Favorites (CD)


YES!! YKSI VUODEN 2007 PARHAISTA!!! EI AINUTTAKAAN HUONOA BIISIÄ Since 1985, Southern Culture on the Skids have brought their chicken flingin’ trashabilly antics to every nook and cranny of the US of A and beyond, playing classic originals like Eight Piece Box” and ”Camel Walk” while tearing up the stage, leaving behind nothing but a trail of pudding, crushed KFC boxes, and endless broken hearts. Now, with Countrypolitan Favorites, SCOTS are giving us a glimpse into their private record collections by compiling 15 one of a kind covers, recorded at singer Rick Miller’s Kudzu Ranch recording studio. From Mary Huff’s sultry take on ”Funnel of Love” (made famous by Wanda Jackson), to Miller’s version of the Don Gibson classic, ”Oh Lonesome Me,” and their swingers-on-the-rocks duet, ”Let’s Invite Them Over” (an Onie Wheeler original), SCOTS have recorded what might be the definitive countrypolitan soundtrack to a life lived on the skids.

Release Date: February 20, 2007. Digipak.”

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  • 1. Oh Lonesome Me
  • 2. Muswell Hillbilly
  • 3. Funnel Of Love
  • 4. Wolverton Mountain
  • 5. Rose Garden
  • 6. Let's Invite Them Over
  • 7. Life's A Gas
  • 8. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
  • 9. Tombstone Shadow
  • 10. Have You Seen Her Face
  • 11. No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
  • 12. Engine Engine #9
  • 13. Fight Fire
  • 14. Tobacco Road
  • 15. Happy Jack

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