Cramps - Teenage Werewolf… Live (CD)

Cramps - Teenage Werewolf… Live (CD)


The larger-than-life figures who graced the stage of New York’s legendary Club 57 on the night that this performance was recorded stood on the brink of a wider stage, the world. The Cramps quickly became one of America’s finest subculture manifestations, bred from the madness of ’50s and ’60s B-movie trash at the turn of punk. On this night, Lux Interior and his motley crew of proto-gothic punks tore off heads with a slew of Dick Dale and Sonics salutes amid sordid contortions. Above all, The Cramps were a live band, a cabaret of B-movie histrionics and debonair pursuing a lurid sexual gratification. Lux Interior, in particular, personified and externalized what lurked behind the snarl of every rockabilly hero. The original radio broadcast of this performance is presented here in it’s entirety, with digitally remastered sound and background liners.

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    1. Mystery Plane
    2. Domino
    3. Twist & Shout
    4. Weekend on Mars
    5. Voodoo Idol
    6. Zombie Dance
    7. Rockin Bones
    8. Human Fly
    9. Garbageman
    10. Teenage Werewolf
    11. Sunglasses After Dark
    12. T.V. Set
    13. Encore - the Way I Walk

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