Crayton Pee Wee - 1960 Debut Album (Ltd) (LP)

Crayton Pee Wee - 1960 Debut Album (Ltd) (LP)

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Bonus Tracks, High Quality, Limited Edition!

Originally issued in 1960, the album includes previous Modern sides, some of them dating back to 1948. Featured here is a magnificent mix of emotional blues, jump tunes, electrifying boogies, and soulful ballads. Among the highlights you can find the opener “Texas Hop” – a jumpin’ instrumental with a rockin’ guitar solo and wailing sax, and the instrumental smash “Blues After Hours,” as well as great vocal numbers such as “California Women,” “Tired of Travelin’” and “My Everything,” among others. In addition to the original album, this limited collector’s edition includes 2 bonus tracks from the same period: the sumptuous ”I Love You So,” one of Crayton’s biggest hits, and the electrifying “Poppa Stoppa,” a guitar instrumental with exhilarating staccato picks on the high end of the neck.

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A1     Texas Hop     
A2     Blues After Hours     
A3     Phone Call From My Baby     
A4     Tired Of Travelin     
A5     California Women     
A6    Poppa Stoppa (Bonus Track)
B1     Blues In My Heart     
B2     Pee Wee's Boogie     
B3     Old Fashioned Baby     
B4     Blues For My Baby     
B5     My Everything     
B6   I Love You So (Bonus Track)