Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers - Wild Cat Scream! ”Deluxe 6 x 7inch boxset + 16 page booklet + 6 x Photo Cards + 45s adapter” (7 single/EP)

Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers - Wild Cat Scream! ”Deluxe 6 x 7inch boxset + 16 page booklet + 6 x Photo Cards + 45s adapter” (7 single/EP)


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Deluxe 6 x 7inch boxset + 16 page booklet + 6 x Photo Cards + 45s adapter!!
LIMITED EDITION 600 copies ”Factory Numbered”

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Linner notes:
At the end of 2019, Jordi Aspas, Victoria Milla, Guillermo Jiménez Pou and myself, the same team that launched the ROCKABILLY STAR 6 EP box set dedicated to the early years of Crazy Cavan ‘n’ The Rhythm Rockers in 2018, started working together on the following part of the Crazy Cavan ‘n’ The Rhythm Rockers legacy. 
Jordi was in charge of directing the project, assisted by Louise Barrell manager of Crazy Cavan and Lyndon Needs guitarist of The Rhythm Rockers, counting therefore has in the previous boxset with the approval and support of the entire band.

Just after the project had started, we received the devastating news of the sudden death of Cavan Grogan on the 15th February 2020. This unexpected turn of fate made Jordi completely rethink the project, focusing on it as a tribute to the great Crazy Cavan, with the same content and same journey through the second golden age of the band from 1981 to 2015, but emphasising the importance that Crazy Cavan had on the development of the current rock’n’roll scene. 
For this reason, the project changed and it was decided to include a booklet with comments and anecdotes from the band members, their manager, family and friends.  So personal photos and testimonies were added, it was incredible how everyone offered to write a few lines about Cavan Grogan!
After several months of intense work, taking care of all the details, determined as I said, that it would be more than just another boxset of 6 EPs, it would constitute a heartfelt tribute as well, so on the 6th July Jordi gave the final approval to the entire project and two days later everything was sent to the factory.
But again, fate had a bitter surprise in store for us all, just one day later Jordi Aspas died of a fatal heart attack. On the morning of the 10th July they confirmed the sad news of his passing, we couldn’t believe it, but the reality was shown in all it’s harshness.
A thousand thoughts went through my head that morning, once the news was confirmed and when we had all managed to control  our feelings, the team that had worked on this project considered possible alternatives but in the end we all decided that it should go ahead and be edited has Jordi had wanted, without changing or adding a word. 

So 7 weeks later here you have it, this boxset contains within it a much deeper legacy than it seems at first glance, it is the posthumous work of Jordi Aspas, a tribute to Crazy Cavan made from love and admiration, but circumstances have also made it to be an authentic gift from Jordi to all of us, for those of us who grew up listening to Cavan’s music and for those who were also lucky enough to have met Rock-Ola Jordi in this world and enjoyed his warm friendship.
Jordi you are forever in our hearts, thank you very much for everything you did, rest easy now.
Thank you very much to Alex Gogan, Beatrice Haigh, Brian “Bun” Davies, Bryan Johnson, Chris Kipper Walley, Colin Grogan, Dick Barrell, Graham Price, Isa Be Bop Boogie Girl , Joe Grogan, JuanrraRock Pictures, Lyndon Needs, Louise Barrell, Mike Coffey, Steve “Vance” Vincent, Terry Walley, Zig Criscuolo (Zigpix), you all made this project come true,  and especially to Toñi and Marlon, there is a lot of you inside this box.
DeeJay Francho

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SR207-1 - Hey! Teenager
Side A:
Jumpin' n' Jive
It's All Your Fault

Side B:
Alligator Shoes

SR207-2 - Rebel Ted - The Legendary 1983 Demos
Side A:
Jeezy Peezy
Don't Mess With My Day Off

Side B:
Rebel Ted
The Rockin' Alcoholic

SR207-3 - Rough Tough 'n' Ready...
Side A:
Rough Tough 'n' Ready
Evil Heart

Side B:
Wild Cat Scream

SR207-4 - Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock 'n' Roll
Side A:
Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock 'n' Roll
Frankie Got A Quiff

Side B:
Rhythm Rockin' Blues
The Feeling Of Love

SR207-5 - Let's Fuckin' Rock
Side A:
The Teddy Boy Blues
Tailor Made

Side B:
Don't Knock What You Don't Understand
Be My Honey Baby

SR207-6 - The Real McCocy
Side A:
Crazy Fuckin' Rockers
Run Diddley Daddy

Side B:
No Kissing At The Hop
Drapes 'n' Drainpipes

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