Cues - Why (CD)

Cues - Why (CD)


They backed everyone! LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Big Joe Turner…!

 An absolute must-have for doo-wop and vocal group collectors!

 They recorded the original version of Bill Haley’s Burn That Candle and recorded the Hot 100 classic

Why__________________________________________________________Of all the talented vocal groups populating the mid-1950s New York R&B scene, perhaps none were on as many

recordings as the Cues – even if few outside the industry knew about it. The versatile vocal quintet provided background

harmonies for Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Ivory Joe Hunter, and Big Joe Turner. Assembled by legendary Atlantic

Records A&R man Jesse Stone in 1954, the Cues made a series of 1954-1956 singles under their own name for Lamp,

Jubilee, Capitol, and Prep that constitute ’Why’, Bear Family’s exhaustive overview of the group’s career.

The Cues cut the classic Burn That Candle (Kirk wrote it under his nom de plume Winfield Scott), but as was so often

the case their R&B original was covered by a pop group, Bill Haley & His Comets. They also cut Cracker Jack the same

week that rockabilly wildman Joe Clay cut it for RCA Victor. All in all, these are some wild, rockin’ and hugely

accomplished vocal group sides. Look at the titles, Killer Diller… Crazy, Crazy Party

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  • 1. Yes Sir
  • 2. Why
  • 3. Crackerjack
  • 4. Burn That Candle
  • 5. Much Obliged
  • 6. Poppa Loves Momma
  • 7. Charlie Brown
  • 8. Crazy, Crazy Party
  • 9. You're On My Mind
  • 10. Ladder
  • 11. Destination 2100 And 65
  • 12. Prince Or Pauper
  • 13. Rock'n'Roll Mr. Oriole
  • 14. Warm Spot
  • 15. The Girl I Love
  • 16. Oh My Darlin'
  • 17. Killer Diller
  • 18. I Pretend
  • 19. Be My Wife
  • 20. Don't Make Believe
  • 21. Only You
  • 22. I Fell For Your Loving
  • 23. Hot Rotten Soda Pop
  • 24. So Near And Yet So Far
  • 25. Forty 'Leven Dozen Ways
  • 26. Scoochie Scoochie
  • 27. Yes Sir
  • 28. Ol' Man River

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