Edmunds Dave - D.E.7th/Information (CD)

Edmunds Dave - D.E.7th/Information (CD)


2 ON 1 CD  1982 and 1983 albums, originally available on the Arista record label. ’D.E.7th’, which was Dave’s seventh solo album, was released in the spring of 1982, and ’Information’ was released almost exactly a year later

 ’D.E.7th’ was produced by Edmunds using a basic backing band of John David (bass), Dave Charles (ex-Help Yourself, drums) and Geraint Watkins (keyboards), plus Albert Lee guesting on guitar on a couple of tracks

 Probably the most significant song on the album is the opener, ’From Small Things Big Things Come’, which was written by Bruce Springsteen (supposedly especially for Edmunds)

 ’Information’ features Jeff Lynne (of ELO fame) producing two tracks on the album, and playing on the title track. Another of ELO’s alumni, Richard Tardy, is credited with playing synth, and the celebrated Paul Jones (of Blues Band fame) adds a bit of harmonica

 ’Slipping Away’ was released as a single and reached the UK Top 75 and the US Top 40, while the album just made the UK Top 100 and peaked just outside the US Top 50 – which wasn’t a bad result at all

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  • 1. From Small Things Big Things Come
  • 2. Me And The Boys
  • 3. Bail You Out
  • 4. Generation Rumble
  • 5. Other Guys Girls
  • 6. Warmed Over Kisses (Leftover Love)
  • 7. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
  • 8. Louisiana Man
  • 9. Paula Meet Jeanne
  • 10. One More Night
  • 11. Dear Dad
  • 12. Slipping Away
  • 13. Don't You Double
  • 14. I Want You Bad
  • 15. Wait
  • 16. The Watch On My Wrist
  • 17. The Shape I'm In
  • 18. Information
  • 19. Feel So Right
  • 20. What Have I Got To Do (To Win)
  • 21. Don't Call Me Tonight
  • 22. Have A Heart

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