Davis Skeeter - The End Of The World 2CD (CD)

Davis Skeeter - The End Of The World 2CD (CD)


Before evolving into just about the most successful crossover country/pop singer of her era, SKEETER DAVIS started out in a honky-tonk styled vocal duo, The Davis Sisters, who had a C&W #1 in 1953 with their first record.

After her ’sister’ Betty Jack (they weren’t actually related) died in an auto accident, Skeeter quit singing for several years before re-emerging in 1957 as a solo artist.

This compilation anthologises Skeeter’s solo career between 1957-62, and features all her known studio recordings during this period.

Included herein are a dozen major C&W hits, many of which crossed over to the pop charts, most notably ’(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too’, ’My Last Date (With You)’ and her signature song, the multi-million-selling ’The End Of The World’.

Skeeter was the first female C&W singer to record in the celebrated early 60s Countrypolitan style, as her post-1960 recordings confirm.

Many of her early singles (Disc 1) are new to CD, and several of her LP tracks (Disc 2) appear on CD in stereo here for the first time.

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