Dayton Jesse - The Outsider (CD)

Dayton Jesse - The Outsider (CD)


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2018 release. The Outsider was recorded in Atlanta, Denver, Nashville and Austin during a non-stop touring cycle and mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer/producer Vance Powell (who has worked with the likes of Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Jack White). About The Outsider Dayton says, ”It’s a lot like my previous album The Revealer, but even more stripped down with some sweet acoustic guitar songs and some raw electric guitar work.” All the influences are there; the George Jones-inspired singing on ”Changin’ My Ways,” the Outlaw country twang of Waylon and Jerry Reed on ”Belly of the Beast,” the angst and energy of The Clash and X on the hillbilly protest song ”Charlottesville,” and the deep east Texas blues and Cajun rockabilly of ”May Have To Do It (But I Don’t Have to Like It)” and ”Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain.”

While there are many different sides to him musically, this all rolls into one big hybrid that Jesse Dayton has been honing for over 20 years.

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1. May Have to Do It (Don't Have to Like It)
2. Jailhouse Religion
3. Changin' My Ways
4. Hurtin' Behind the Pine Curtain
5. We Lost It
6. Tried to Quit (But I Just Quit Tryin')
7. Charlottesville
9. Burnin'
10. Killer on the Lamb

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