Lords of The Highway - Degreaser (CD)

Lords of The Highway - Degreaser (CD)


Following on the heels of 2003’s already unavailable Lost In Sin,” this latest offering from Cleveland’s Lords of the Highway marks their 5th full-length, and promises to be the brightest point in their 13 year history. ”Degreaser” builds upon the Lords’ distinctive and often unpredictable, sound. Dennis, Sugar, and Pete all take their turns at the mic, steering the band down side-trips to county fairs and exotic lands. Perhaps most striking is the evocative power and lyrical quality of the instrumentals, which often take a ponderous tone that contrasts with the primal psychology erupting elsewhere with a deranged twist. ”Get In Your Pants” belies simple locker room machismo with its eccentric phrasing and creepy charm, while ”Get Lost” saunters across the speakers with a reciprocating sneer. You’ll also hear Pete’s eerie croon on ”Legend of 369” and ”Phantom of Cool,” in addition to a hillbilly-punk/square dancin’ take on the Misfits’ ”Die, Die My Darling.”. Throw in a pair of cautionary tales about the real cost of drinking ($100 Hangover) and curvy scenesters with attitudes (Rock’n’Roll Bitch), and you have something that transcends your average retro act. By the end, the Lords of the Highway will have you shakin’ like you got the DTs.”

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  • 1. Legend Of 369
  • 2. 4 Barrel Carb Dual Exhaust P.O.S.
  • 3. Get Lost
  • 4. Land Far Away
  • 5. $ 100 Hangover
  • 6. Die Die My Darling
  • 7. Freaky Tiki
  • 8. County Fair
  • 9. Phantom Of Cool
  • 10. Get In Your Pants
  • 11. Funeral For Santo
  • 12. Rock`n`Roll Bitch
  • 13. Truckman