Various - Destination Jurassic Land – 33 Artifacts from Times Before Christ (CD)

Various - Destination Jurassic Land – 33 Artifacts from Times Before Christ (CD)


1-CD with 20-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 77 min.
This fantastically original compilation from the Stone Age on the theme of dinosaurs and cavemen brings Bear Family Records® straight to your Halloween party!

32 recordings from the 1950s and ’60s, plus kindred spirits from later years.
Including Big Art Peters and his version of Prehistoric Plateau alongside the 1985 rockabilly original of this tune by The Blubbery Hellbellies, plus rockers like Link Wray, Buddy Merrill, Tommy Roe, The Piltdown Men, Tommy Steele and the Royal Teens.
Similarly rare as artifacts from the Jurassic period are some recordings appearing on CD for the first time, such as Dinosaur Cavern by Terry Wayne and The Cave by Gary ’Spider’ Webb.
In addition, there are thematic radio movie trailers and theme music from historical television series.
The full-color 20-page booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia and detailed info on each song.
Stone Age
Stone Age and dinosaurs are not just classic themes of older B-movies. The film series ’Jurassic Park’ in particular is proof of that. The music industry also devoted itself to the topic – and we have compiled the best examples, primarily from the Rock ’n’ Roll era, but also from later years in the appropriate style.

Prehistoric Plateau

The CD starts and ends with a version of Prehistoric Plateau. What do both versions have in common? English composer Arthur Billingsley is involved as a musician on both recordings. He was a member of the iconic 1980s band, The Blubbery Hellbellies, which recorded the original in rockabilly style. In 2010, he covered himself as Big Art Peters. Both tracks are highlights on this compilation. In addition, there are a lot of little-known artists from the 1950s and ’60s like The Pre-Historics, Terry Wayne, and The Majestics, most of their songs appearing here on CD for the first time. Rare recordings like the 1966 movie trailer ’One Million Years BC’, the ’Flintstones’ theme tune and the 1977 TV highlight ’Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels’ round out the program. The CD comes with a 20-page color booklet and many rare photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

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01 Prehistoric Plateau The Blubbery Hellbellies
02 Caveman Tommy Roe & The Satins
03 Alley-Oop The Hollywood Argyles
04 I Was A Teen-Age Caveman John Zacherle
05 Brontosaurus Walk Buddy Merrill
06 Fossil Rock The Piltdown Men
07 Volcano Rock Tommy Mercer & The McBrides
08 Caveman Terry Fell
09 Dinosaur Caravan Terry Wayne
10 Dinosaur Link Wray & His Ray Men
11 Big Lizard The Piltdown Men
12 Rock With The Caveman Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
13 Caveman Richie Allen
14 Be A Cave Man The Avengers
15 One Million Years BC Movie Trailer
16 Ape Call Nervous Norvous
17 McDonald’s Cave The Piltdown Men
18 Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels Television Trailer
19 Cave Man Hop Jerry Coulston with The Jades & The Pacers
20 Meet The Flintstones The Flintstones
21 Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone The Piltdown Men
22 Cave Man Rock The Majestics
23 Alley-Oop Cha-Cha-Cha The Pre-Historics
24 I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man Randy Luck
25 Cave Man Love Space Man with The Rockets
26 The Cave -Part I Gary ’Spider’ Webb
27 The Cave -Part II Gary ’Spider’ Webb
28 Caveman Joe Villa & Royal Teens
29 Gargantua The Piltdown Men
30 Cave Man The Vibrations
31 In The Hall Of The Mountain King Nero & The Gladiators
32 Brontosaurus Stomp (Stereo Version) The Piltdown Men
33 Prehistoric Plateau Big Art Peters

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