Glen Glenn - Dim The Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud (CD)

Glen Glenn - Dim The Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud (CD)


(From BF homepage:) Last year we released ’Glen Rocks,’ a compilation of Glen Glenn’s famous rockabilly sides such as Everybody’s Movin’, One Cup Of

Coffee, Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt, and many other favorites. But this CD only tells one side of the story!

Like many rockabillies of the 1950s, Glen Glenn started out playing country music. Unlike most, however, Glen grew up in the fertile

Los Angeles country music scene, and rubbed shoulders with just about everybody from The Maddox Brothers & Rose to Wynn

Stewart to Porter Waggoner. Not only did Glen appear on the same shows as these stars, in his case they played on his recordings!

’Dim Lights, Thick Smoke’ is the first Glen Glenn release that focuses on the music he made before he started rocking. Consisting of

home demos, live recordings, unreleased studio cuts and radio station acetates, ’Dim Lights.’ shows how a teenage hillbilly music

fan came about latching on to the Big Beat of Rock ’n’ Roll.

Collectors, take note: there are half a dozen sides on this compilation that have never been released before!!! Sell all those other

compilations you’ve acquired over the years, this new CD ’Dim Lights, Thick Smoke’ and last year’s ’Glen Rocks’ are the definitive last

word in Glen Glenn reissues!

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  • 1. It Rains Rain
  • 2. I Made A Mistake
  • 3. Let Me Talk To You
  • 4. A Hundred Years From Now
  • 5. Talk To Your Heart
  • 6. If You Saw Her Through My Eyes
  • 7. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud Loud Music
  • 8. How About You
  • 9. I'm Alone Because I Love You
  • 10. Company's Comin'
  • 11. Hey Ma, Hey Pa
  • 12. If You Tried As Hard To Love Me
  • 13. No-One Dear But You
  • 14. You're Not Mine
  • 15. Wait Wait (One Year Longer) (1958 version)
  • 16. I'll Never Stop Loving You (take 2)
  • 17. The Beginning Of The End (take 10)
  • 18. Release Me
  • 19. Wait Wait (One Year Longer) (1961 version)
  • 20. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down Andy Cry Over You
  • 21. One More Time
  • 22. It's A Sad Thing To See How She's Forgettin' Me
  • 23. There She Goes
  • 24. Shake Rattle And Roll
  • 25. Mean Woman Blues
  • 26. I Saw My Castles Fall Today
  • 27. Treat Me Nice
  • 28. Baby I Don't Care
  • 29. Jailhouse Rock
  • 30. Blue Suede Shoes
  • 31. The Old Country Church
  • 32. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  • 33. Alone With You
  • 34. Crazy Arms
  • 35. Who'll Be The First
  • 36. I Got A Woman

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