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Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - Distance Between (Käytetty CD)


JO AIKOJA SITTEN LOPPUUNMYYTY CD! With a name like the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, you might expect this San Diego quartet to play amphetamine-fueled, Sun Records-style rockabilly music. In fact, the group’s 2001 debut owed more to Waylon Jennings than the Man in Black (though Cash did give his blessing for the band to appropriate his name). This time around, the Bastards’ sound has even less to do with their legendary namesake. Distance Between has a few countryish numbers (Marfa Lights,” a cover of Lefty Frizzell’s ”Long Black Veil”), but the overall sound is much less twangy and the apparent inspiration is the roots-rock of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle. Singer-writer Mark Stuart often sounds like a slightly countrified version of the former, particularly on ”Monte Carlo,” an ode to his 1970 muscle car, and ”Burn Down,” a melancholy rocker about trying to leave the past behind. ”Distance Between” and ”Wind It Up” recall Earle in his Copperhead Road period. And that’s just the problem: Stuart’s influences are just a little too obvious, and the result is that Distance Between has a been-there, done-that feel to it. –David Hill”

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  • 1. 1970 Monte Carlo
  • 2. Hard Times
  • 3. Distance Between
  • 4. Long Black Veil
  • 5. Burn Down
  • 6. Tears of Gold
  • 7. Wind it Up
  • 8. Marfa Lights
  • 9. Damage is Done
  • 10. Where I Found You
  • 11. Last Goodbye
  • 12. Beautiful Cage

Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash