Meteors - Doing The Lord’s Work 2LP (LP)

Meteors - Doing The Lord’s Work 2LP (LP)


Gatefold sleeve, black vinyl

Reissue of classic Psychobilly standard-bearers The Meteors “Doing The Lord’s Work” from 2012.  Over more than 3 decades, ‘The Meteors’ have been fiercely carrying the banner of pure Psychobilly. Raucous, die-hard and wildly entertaining mix of rockabilly, country, surf and punk rock combined with horror themes, “Doing The Lord’s Work” would be the perfect accompaniment during a visit to the bar in Dusk Til Dawn, or a night hammering tequila and breaking the law. P. Paul Fenech and his band of rebels excel in extending their middle finger salute to everyone and everything on this barn-stormer, including an inspired Morricone-esque cover of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid that has to be one of the best out there. Invented in 1980 as a sound of their own, psychobilly has grown into a world-wide genre with The Meteors on the throne as undisputed kings.

Released on luxurious gatefold, remastered black vinyl and limited dark green vinyl with an etching on the D side. Soundtrack for pagan rituals, bar fights and brawls, drinking sessions and desert motorbike racing that rocks hard all the way from beginning to end.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Svart Records
Vuosi 2021

A1                 My Psychobilly Syndrome (WWWC Bloody Pit Of Horror Mix)

A2                 It’s A Long Way Down

A3                 My Life For Thee

A4                 She Screams Out My Name

A5                 The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask


B666             The Last Temptation (Was You)

B7                 Paranoid

B8                 Strange Times (Are Coming)

B9                 The Shredder

B10               Girl Meat Fever

B11               Drag You Down To Hell


C12               Ain’t No Turning Back

C13               Don’t Blame Me

C14               The Day The Earth Dripp’d Blood

C15               Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here)

C16               Fuck Your World

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