Southern Culture On The Skids - Doublewide and Live DELUXE VERSION (CD)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Doublewide and Live DELUXE VERSION (CD)


MUKANA 3 BONUS BIISIÄ, LIVE MATSKUA, TUPLA DIGIPACK YM. KIVAA!! Cancel your weekend plans — Southern Culture on the Skids are bringing the world-famous, sexed-up, blistering, chicken-fried, Dick Dale by way of Link Wray, warped SCOTS road show to your living room courtesy of their first official live release! There are more hooks [in SCOTS songs] than in a Starbucks clerk’s eyebrow” (Harp Magazine) and ”guitar riffs as lumpy as a camel, rough as a jackhammer or smooth and bright as Tennessee sippin’ whiskey.” (No Depression) Warning! — this is no sleepy, hipster, shoe-gazing, Tuesday-night show — Big Takeover says SCOTS music is ”a world unto itself.” Prepare yourself for the six-sensory assault that the faithful already know means a box of chicken, a dance floor of virile, gyrating bodies and more rockabilly, surf, country and blues licks than you can shake a limbo stick at! Snatched from the dank, smoky air of Chapel Hill’s Local 506 and burnt to disc. Blazing hot and live”

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  • 1.  Come & Get It  
  • 2.  Mojo Box  
  • 3.  Hittin' On Nothin'  
  • 4.  Cicada Rock  
  • 5.  The Wet Spot  
  • 6.  Whole Lotta Things  
  • 7.  Liquored Up  
  • 8.  Doublewide  
  • 9.  Cheap Motels  
  • 10.  Banana Pudding  
  • 11.  Lordy Lordy  
  • 12.  Just How Lonely  
  • 13.  '69 El Camino  
  • 14.  Dirt Track Date  
  • 15.  Ditch Diggin'  
  • 16.  Meximelt  
  • 1. Too Much Pork
  • 2. Big Pine Tree
  • 3. Put Your Teeth
  • 4. Voodoo Cadillac (Video)
  • 5. White Trash/Greenback Fly (Video)
  • 6. Soul City (Video)
  • 7. Nitty Gritty (Video)

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