Felts Narvel - Drift Away – Best 1973-79 (CD)

Felts Narvel - Drift Away – Best 1973-79 (CD)


After two decades of middling success, Narvel Felts suddenly hit the big time as a country artist in 1973. For the rest of the decade he was one of the best-selling artists in country music with R&B flavored hits like Drift Away, Reconsider Me, Somebody Hold Me, Lonely Teardrops, My Prayer, Funny How Time Slips Away… and others. They’re all here. Nobody better deserved their success than Narvel Felts, and 28 of his greatest hits are here in one package.

When his single I’m Just That Kind Of Fool entered the U.S. Country Charts in 1991, Narvel Felts achieved the distinction of having charted pop and country through five decades: the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. ’Cashbox’ magazine gave him a colour cover to honour him as he joined an illustrious band that included George Jones and Conway Twitty. Narvel’s greatest successes came in the seventies of course, but he had been working hard since 1956 to become an ’overnight sensation’ in 1973. Born near Keiser, Arkansas on November llth, 1938, Albert Narvel Felts grew up in a farming background around Keiser and Shady Bend before moving to Powe, a small community near Bernie, Missouri where he attended the local high school. It was at this time that he entered a talent contest singing Blue Suede Shoes and Baby Let’s Play House. His win led to a radio show on KDEX in Dexter, Missouri. A meeting with local bandleader, Jerry Mercer, found Narvel joining the Rhythm ’n’ Blues Boys, performing local gigs in the bootheel of Missouri and the northern part of Arkansas, where he became the ’cat in the band’ delivering the rockabilly and ’Elvisy’ bits to the repertoire. When Mercer left the band at the tail end of 1956, Narvel took over, renaming the group ’The Rockets’ and took them to Sun Records in Memphis. After several sessions and no releases, he led them to Mercury Records in Chicago where a contract was secured. All the Mercury recordings from 1957 and 1958 are included in the Bear Family album ’A Teen’s Way’ (BFX 15232).

In the ensuing years, contracts with Pink (Hi), Starline, Roland Janes and Hi, again, brought a lot of southern success and a little national chart exposure. Narvel’s recordings were always eclectic, some pop, some country, some rhythm ’n’ blues, and some rock ’n’ roll.
By the time 1973 rolled round, Narvel had joined Cinnamon Records and after a minor success with a revival of Rockin’ Little Angel, he hit paydirt
with Drift Away, which gave him a #8 placing. Then the hits followed throughout the seventies, including the #1 Record of the Year in ’Cashbox’ for the 1975 release Reconsider Me.
These hits and others are all featured on this disc and here’s Narvel with some memories …


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  • 1. Drift Away
  • 2. Before You Have To Go
  • 3. All In The Name Of Love
  • 4. Rockin' Little Angel
  • 5. When Your Good Love Was Mine
  • 6. Fraulein
  • 7. Until The End Of Time (& SHARON VAUGHN)
  • 8. She Loves Me Like A Rock
  • 9. I Want To Stay
  • 10. Wrap My Arms Around The World
  • 11. Reconsider Me
  • 12. Foggy Misty Morning
  • 13. Funny How Time Slips Away
  • 14. Blue Suede Shoes
  • 15. Somebody Hold Me (Until She Passes By)
  • 16. Away
  • 17. Lonely Teardrops
  • 18. Lonely Kind Of Love
  • 19. My Prayer
  • 20. Garden Of Eden
  • 21. The Feeling's Right
  • 22. Moments To Remember
  • 23. To Love Somebody
  • 24. Stirrin' Up Feelin's
  • 25. One Run For The Roses
  • 26. Never Again
  • 27. Everlasting Love
  • 28. The End

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