Various - Duet A Rama Volume 1 (CD)

Various - Duet A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continue with Duet-A-Rama Atomicat (ACCD126). The album is an all-around mixture of rockin’ styles sang with glorious harmony. You will pin your ears back to some rockabilly bop, pulsing rhythm & blues, and several neglected rock ‘n’ roll titles performed with a strolling or jive tempo.

The album includes carefully selected titles from the years 1950 through to 1960 and uses recordings that feature a second lead vocal in the traditional duet style or as part of a group recording featuring two or sometimes three harmonizing vocals.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi ACCD126
Tuottaja Atomicat
Vuosi 2022

01 Bob and Earl You Made A Boo Boo (Bryd, Nelson) Class 1957
02 Tony and Joe Where Can You Be? (Spector) Era 1958
03 Billy and Lillie The Ins And Outs Of Love (Mann) Swan 1960
04 Bob and Lucille What’s The Password? (Regen) Ditto 1959
05 Two Don’s Funny Honey (Cole, Owens) Guyden 1960
06 The Jordan Brothers Oh Lolly (Jordan) Jamie 1958
07 George and Earl Done Gone (Helms, Taylor) Mercury 1956
08 Leon and Carlos Rock Everybody (Jones) Liberty Tone 1957
09 Wayne and Ray Yeah Why? (Johnson, Burden, Madara) Adonis 1960
10 Ray Agee and Elly Johnson True Lips (Agee, Johnson) Ebb 1957
11 Annie Laurie and Paul Gayten I Ain’t Gonna Let You In (Toombs) Regal 1950
12 The Teardrops Tony and Paul Jellyfish (Hazelwood) Dot 1957
13 Johnnie and Jack I’ve Seen This Movie Before (Morrison, Tillis) RCA Victor 1958
14 Cochran Brothers Tired And Sleepy (Cochran, Capehart, Cochran) Ekko 1956
15 Norma and Linda Do Dee Oodle Dee Do I’m In Love (Coker) Radio 1958
16 Carlos Brothers La Bamba (Valens) Del Fi 1959
17 Duke Gainous and His Romeos with Dolly Cooper My Baby Loves Me (Ganious) A-B-S 1960
18 Floyd Dixon and Mari Jones Real Lovin’ Mama (Dixon) Aladdin 1950
19 Marvin and Johnny How Long She Been Gone (Phillips) Speciality 1954
20 The ”We’re Not” Sisters Oh Baby, Whoa Baby, Oh (Burden) Rose 1957
21 The Brothers Sioux City Sue (Freedman, Thomas) Argo 1959
22 Bob and Denny Hush Hush Little Baby (Richison) Hep 1958
23 The Morgan Twins TV Hop (Endsley) RCA Victor 1958
24 Jaye Sisters G-3 (Mure) United Artists 1959
25 The Tibbs Brothers (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle (Pomus, Shuman) Atco 1956
26 Carroll Brothers (My Gal Is) Red Hot (Sheldon, Carroll) Cameo 1958
27 The Schneider Sisters Honolulu Rock And Roll (Hoffman, Manning) Viking EP 1954
28 Frank and Ernie Spotlight (F&E Reynaud, McCoy) Crest 1959

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