Curtis Mac - Early in the Morning / Nashville Marimba Band (CD)

Curtis Mac - Early in the Morning / Nashville Marimba Band (CD)


Mac Curtisin GRT-levymerkille äänittämät kaksi albumia yhdellä CD:llä ja kaksi bonusbiisiä vuonna 1974 julkaistulta singleltä. Tommy Allsupin vuosina 1970 ja 1971 tuottamista albumeista ”Early in the Morning” julkaistiin vuonna 1970 ja ”Nashville Marimba Band” vuonna 1977.

Mac Curtis’ album ”Early in the Morning” was originally released on GRT label in 1970. When GRT closed their Nashville record division, the master was reverted back to Mac along with an album made by Mac Curtis’ Nashville Marimba Band. This Mac’s second GRT album was not released until Mac himself put the money behind it and released it in 1977. The original LP release is as rare as can be and if you got a change, buy it.

We are now expanding the Bluelight CD edition from 1999 to a package which contains both of these Mac’s GRT albums produced by Tommy Allsup plus two bonus tracks from a 45rpm single. There is, however, a reason for a warning to all Mac’s rockabilly fans. Nashville Marimba Band is excatly what you can expect – instrumental versions of country hits played with marimba! It’s a pity Mac is no longer with us, we’d love to cut with him an album filled with rockabilly hits in marimba style!

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Early In The Morning LP (1970)
1. Early in the Morning
2. Big Boss Man
3. Ain’t That a Shame
4. Blues Man
5. Baby What You Want Me to Do
6. Maybelline
7. Gulf Stream Line
8. Stagger Lee
9. I’d Run a Mile
10. I Got a Woman
11. When the Hurt Moves In
12. Him or Me (What’s It Gonna Be)

Nashville Marimba Band LP (1977)
13. Running Bear
14. I Fall to Pieces
15. Gentle on My Mind
16. For the Good Times
17. Orange Blossom Special
18. Spanish Eyes
19. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town
20. Careless Hands
21. Help Me Make it Through the Night
22. Devil’s Dream

bonus tracks: Emcee Records – ER-002 (1974 single)
23. Pistol Packin’ Mama
24. She Knows All the Good Ways to Be Bad

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