Penguins - Earth Angel + 3 bonus tracks (CD)

Penguins - Earth Angel + 3 bonus tracks (CD)


Many stories in the wunnerful world of rock & roll are apocryphal, but the story of Earth Angel” just seems like fiction. Dootsie Williams of DooTone Records, cut the side as an after thought at a demo session with The Penguins and took it along to John Dolphinís record store in Hollywood for a second opinion. Dolphin ran a radio show from the window of the shop and DJ Huggy Boy put it out on the air immediately, despite Dootsie’s protest that it was only a demo. The record took off immediately locally and within a few weeks went national peaking at No.8 in Billboard by the end of 1954. This was despite the competition from the ubiquitous white cover versions. The CD features another 20 greasy love songs and doo wop rockers cut for DooTone through to 1958, when the group went to Mercury Records. There they re-cut their big hit record, but could never repeat the naive honesty of the original. One of the great records of the era that had it a hit n the grooves- that rare thing, a natural hit”

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  • 1. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
  • 2. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
  • 3. No There Ain't No News Today
  • 4. Hey Senorita
  • 5. Kiss A Fool Goodbye
  • 6. Ookey Ook
  • 7. Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild
  • 8. Baby Let's Make Some Love
  • 9. Lover Or Fool
  • 10. Do Not Pretend
  • 11. If You're Mine
  • 12. Be My Lovin' Baby
  • 13. Cold Heart
  • 14. Sweet Love
  • 15. Let Me Make Up Your Mind
  • 16. Butterball
  • 17. Money Talks
  • 18. Heart Of A Fool
  • 19. Want Me
  • 20. That's How Much I Need You
  • 21. You're An Angel

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