Various - EBB Story Vol 1 (CD)

Various - EBB Story Vol 1 (CD)


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From 1957 to 1959, the Los Angeles label Ebb Records released around 60 singles. Only one became a national hit, although there were several regional successes. The label, however, recorded a fascinating cross-section of the music of the day and The Ebb Story tells the tale.Formed by Leonora Lee” Rupe, with the money she received as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband Art Rupe (head of Specialty Records), and Jesse J Jones, an arranger and horn player, Ebb kicked off with The Ebbtones’ Danny’s Blues and worked their way through the New Orleans R&B of Professor Longhairs’ Look What You’re Doing To Me, the soulful blues of Ted Taylor, the down-home Texan blues guitar and voice of Smokey Hogg, the supper-club blues stylings of Floyd Dixon, the rockabilly of Kip Tyler, the chameleon vocals of Dolly Cooper and the classic hit R&B of the Hollywood Flames with Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (a version of which a young Bob Dylan performs on his forthcoming CD-ROM disc release).In the end, Ebb succumbed to the problems that beset many independents in the era – lack of national distribution and undercapitalisation (Ebb never released an album, even for their one hit maker, The Hollywood Flames). However, in their short run of two years, they left behind some great underground sounds of the period and ”The Ebb Story” lets the world sample them one more time.Many of the recordings included on ”The Ebb Story” are released on CD for the first time and there is one previously unreleased track among them. As befits a tribute album to such an intriguing label, ”The Ebb Story” includes a complete discography by researcher Peter Gibbon and a fine sleevenote by Jim Dawson.”

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  • 1. The Ebb-Tones - I've Got A Feeling
  • 2. Floyd Dixon - What Is Life Without A Home?
  • 3. Riff Ruffin - If You Please
  • 4. Dolly Cooper - Time Brings About A Change
  • 5. Professor Longhair - Look What You're Doing To Me
  • 6. Ray Agee And Elly Johnson - True Lips
  • 7. The Hollywood Flames - Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
  • 8. The 5 Orleans - The Way You Carry On
  • 9. The Georgettes - Love Like A Fool
  • 10. Professor Longhair - Looka, No Hair
  • 11. Eddie Danniels - I Wanna Know
  • 12. J J Jones - Darkness
  • 13. Ted Taylor - Keep Walking On
  • 14. Smokey Hogg - Good Mornin' Baby
  • 15. Smokey Hogg - Sure 'nuff
  • 16. Tony Harris - You Fascinate Me
  • 17. The Jaguars - Mine All Mine
  • 18. The Souvenirs - Voodoo Love
  • 19. Ralph Mathis - Never Let Me Go
  • 20. Ted Taylor - Wrapped Up In A Dream
  • 21. Kip Tyler - She's My Witch
  • 22. Kip Tyler - Oh Linda
  • 23. Jerry Hawkins - Lucky Johnny
  • 24. Jerry Hawkins - Need Your Lovin'
  • 25. The Hollywood Flames - Much Too Much
  • 26. Earl Nelson - Come On
  • 27. Ray Agee And Elly Johnson - My Silent Prayer
  • 28. Samual Vance - Run, Run, Run
  • 29. Dave Lee - Kiss Me, Squeeze Me
  • 30. Earl Nelson - Hali-lou
  • 31. Kip Tyler - Hali-lou

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