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Edwardian Devils - Damned To Teddyboy / We Belong Together / Sleepwalk (7 single/EP)


Two tracks, straight from hell – appetizers for the upcoming debut album of the EDWARDIAN DEVILS, pressed on hot PART RECORDS vinyl. The original song ”Damned To Teddyboy” on side A comes directly off band mastermind KING D.evil’s pitchfork, and it will make you want to sing along and grab another beer. The flipside presents a medley inspired by legendary English teddyboy band THE ROCKIN’ DEVILS: a soulful ballad by gone too soon RITCHIE VALENS, ”We Belong Together”, is mashed up with instrumental favorite ”Sleepwalk”. Recorded, mixed and mastered at guitarist HOWLIN’ T.empter’s home studio.

When KING D.evil  (former guitarist and singer of the KING EDWARD TEDS) started the EDWARDIAN DEVILS Facebook page in 2014, he did not expect that one day there would be a band by the same name, nor that his page would quickly surpass the 1000 followers mark. ”I just wanted to share my passion for the Teddyboy subculture with some friends – cool videos of bands I love, and photos of wild guys who know how to dress properly. The name came from our former KING EDWARD TEDS rhythm guitarist. As a teenager, he had gotten a tattoo of the devil, and the legend “EDWARDIAN DEVILS”. At that time I already thought that this would make a perfect name for a band. That was about 25 years ago – hah – rock’n’roll will never die!”.

After a rehearsal with his rockabilly band KING D & THE ROYALS OF RHYTHM (which also includes guitar player HOWLIN’ T.empter and drummer JT.hor SLINGER), KING D came up with a brilliant idea: ”Our drummer JT always talked about how much he liked band trios. So I put two and two together, and asked him and our guitar player HOWLIN’ T what they would think of forming a TEDDYBOY trio. They were HELLishly excited; I took over the bass, and we started! ”. Pretty soon they played their first concerts in Germany and abroad, appeared at international festivals, and opened for BLACK RAVEN in their hometown Vienna. The three devils recorded their first songs single-handedly, and PART RECORDS from Germany immediately signed them.

”We love classic Rock’n Roll, including its roots, like Sountry, as well as the spin-off genres, like Surf-Rock. In contrast to the current purist trend, we are also really into the so-called “revival” bands from the 70s till today, and try to include all these influences in our sound and styling. First and foremost, we want to have a good time with our audience. Everybody who enjoys our music and wants to have a beer with us, is welcome at our gigs  – no matter what kind of pants or shoes he or she wears”, KING D concludes.

KING D.evil – Vocals & Bassguitar
HOWLIN’ T.empter – Backing Vocals & E-Guitar
JT.hor SLINGER – Backing Vocals & Drums

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Video https://youtu.be/etrvSrIcq5s

A. Damned To Teddyboy
B. Medley: We Belong Together / Sleepwalk

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