Lab Ratz - Escape From The Lab (CD)

Lab Ratz - Escape From The Lab (CD)


An amazing second album from the canadian Psychobillies! Highly recommended!

Oops they did it again! Those Ratz escaped from their lab and released this new 13 tracks album. Scientific experiments, mental disorders, nuclear disasters and wicked nurses constitute their universe.
The band has a new guitarist, Mick formerly from the Men In Gray Suits, and a new drummer, Pat, the original drummer of the Gutter Demons. So put on your stompin’ shoes and be prepared to dance to the highly contagious Psychobilly of the Lab Ratz!

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1. Abduction
2. In The Maze
3. Escape From The Lab /
4. Primitive
5. Un Jeu Dangereux
6. Gotcha
7. Wannabilly Stomp
8. Arizona Blues
9. Beliefs
10. She Left Me With A Boner & A Broken Heart
11. The One Who Lives In Your Brain
12. Your Night
13. Nuke Storm

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