Various - Fabulous Flips Vol 2 (CD)

Various - Fabulous Flips Vol 2 (CD)


Old 78s and 45s had two sides to them and how and what filled those sides generated two very different marketing philosophies in the early days of rock and pop. On the one hand, the record producers wanted DJs to play the hit side, the whole hit side and nothing but the hit side. As such, many followed Phil Spector’s rule in the early 60s of putting a throwaway song or instrumental on the ’other’ side to help focus attention on the ’hit’. Alternatively, others went for a quite different approach, loading both sides with killer tunes and waiting for DJs and the listening public to make up their minds which of the tracks was the hit. For the hit-hungry independent labels, the latter philosophy doubled the chances of a hit and what Fabulous Flips Volume 2″ does is round up many of those brilliant ’flip’ sides that the indies released in thatchart quest.As with the first volume (CDCHD 444), ”Fabulous Flips” assembles several stone R&B classics (often hard to believe that they were originally B-sides) among them Chuck Berry’s Little Queenie and Slim Harpo’s tough rockin’ Don’t Start Cryin’ Now, as well as a few surprises, not least movie star Tab Hunter rendering a pretty good copy of Fats Domino on Red Sails In The Sunset, wild Los Angeles saxophonist Big Jay McNeely is also here, as is pretty boy teen idol Robin Luke, session group The Pets (featuring such legends as Plas Johnson and Earl Palmer) and the Ice-Man Jerry Butler with The Impressions (the great Sweet Was The Wine was the B-side to the fantastic For Your Precious Love).Note: The ’Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide 1994’ values the British 45s from which these B-sides are taken at a total of £1,500!”

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  • 1. Del Vikings - Little Billy Boy
  • 2. Sanford Clark - Lonesome For A Letter
  • 3. Clarence Frogman" Henry - Troubles, Troubles
  • 4. Nappy Brown - It's Really You
  • 5. Lloyd Price - Why
  • 6. The Olympics - Well!
  • 7. Chuck Berry - Little Queenie
  • 8. The Pets - Cha-Kow-Ski
  • 9. Jimmy Soul - I Can't Hold Out Any Longer
  • 10. Slim Harpo - Don't Start Cryin' Now
  • 11. Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm
  • 12. Larry Williams - Bad Boy
  • 13. Curtis Lee - Gee How I Wish You Were Here
  • 14. Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Sail Along Silvery Moon
  • 15. Tab Hunter - Red Sails In The Sunset
  • 16. Bill Parsons - Rubber Dolly
  • 17. Robin Luke - Living's Loving You
  • 18. Jerry Butler And The Impressions - Sweet Was The Wine
  • 19. Jody Reynolds - Tight Capris
  • 20. Gerry Granahan - Girl Of My Dreams
  • 21. The Shirelles And King Curtis - Love Is A Swingin' Thing
  • 22. The Fireballs - Gunshot
  • 23. Don And Juan - Chicken Necks
  • 24. Gary U.S. Bonds - Havin' So Much Fun
  • 25. Big Jay McNeely - Back . Shack . Track
  • 26. Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds - The Monster

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