Various - Fabulous Flips Vol 3 (CD)

Various - Fabulous Flips Vol 3 (CD)


”Some folks felt Ace were cooking with leftovers when this popular series was first launched, not realising, perhaps, that in the late 50s/early 60s, singles with two good sides were greatly cherished by fans who recognised a good ’double sider’ when they heard one and frequently took a perverse delight in championing specific B-sides as a form of one-upmanship. Pop music was far more of a lottery back then and it is arguable that no-one, with the exception of Elvis, quite knew what they were doing – a hypothesis borne out by the fact that many classics of the era started out as B-sides -Tequila and Be-Bop-A-Lula being among the best known. This third volume of Fabulous Flips contains three tracks originally scheduled as A-sides before fate in the form of public preference intervened. 20 of the 26 titles were originally released on Decca’s legendary London-American label and it’s unlikely that the doughty men and women who pressed and packed the original releases at Decca’s grimy factory in the London suburb of New Malden were aware that they were handling collectors’ nuggets from seemingly exotic locations. Check out the first 8 titles: New York (Dion); Detroit (Royaltones); Tacoma, Washington (Wailers); New Orleans (Benny Spellman); Clovis, New Mexico (String-A-Longs), Philadelphia (Silhouettes), LA (Shields) and Phoenix, Arizona (Ray Sharpe) – a cornucopia of 50s Americana at its best. The Waddle by The Slades (a trio from Texas) was the only track not released in the UK and appears on CD for the first time. Essentially ’At The Hop’ re-hashed Tex-Mex style, it was the original A-side of ’You Cheated.’ a ballad also recorded by a West Coast group, The Shields. Both versions of ’You Cheated’ made the charts. We’re certain the kids who bought The Slades’ original were pleased to have stumbled upon the fabulous flip-by-default once they got the record home. For good measure we’ve also included the fabulous flip of The Shields’ version That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be. Another Tex Mex goodie, Am I Asking Too Much only got on the flipside of ’Wheels’ by The String-A-Longs because of a labelling fault. Written and produced by the group’s mentor, Norman Petty, in his Clovis New Mexico studio, ’Wheels’ was originally titled ’Tell The World’, while the B-side, penned by two members of the group, was another instrumental, ’Wheels’. ”When I sent the tapes to Warwick Records in New York, ” Petty explains, ”they somehow got the two sides mixed up and my song came out as ’Wheels’ and their song was pressed as ’Tell The World’. ’Wheels’, which was really ’Tell The World’, got some airplay so they recalled the record and repressed it as ’Wheels’ and put ’Am I Asking Too Much’, a vocal side by the boys on the back of it so the deejays wouldn’t get confused”.”

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  • 1. Dion And The Belmonts - I Can't Go On (Rosalie)
  • 2. The Royaltones - Wail
  • 3. The Wailers - Dirty Robber (45 Version)
  • 4. Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller
  • 5. The String-A-Longs - Am I Asking Too Much
  • 6. The Silhouettes - I Am Lonely
  • 7. The Shields - That's The Way It's Gonna Be
  • 8. Ray Sharpe - Red Sails In The Sunset
  • 9. The Belmonts - Smoke From Your Cigarette
  • 10. The Elegants - Getting Dizzy
  • 11. The Clovers - Stay Awhile
  • 12. The Delacardos - Mr Dillon
  • 13. Fats Domino - Before I Grow Too Old
  • 14. The Ames Brothers - Rockin' Shoes
  • 15. The Chantels - Come My Little Baby
  • 16. The Falcons - Goddess Of Angels
  • 17. Johnny Burnette - Cincinnati Fireball
  • 18. Bobby Freeman - Big Fat Woman
  • 19. Frankie Avalon - Ooh La La
  • 20. The Slades - The Waddle
  • 21. Larry Williams - High School Dance
  • 22. Eugene Church - I Ain't Goin' For That
  • 23. The Showmen - Country Fool
  • 24. Curtis Lee - Beverly Jean
  • 25. The Tu-Tones - Saccharin Sally
  • 26. The Pentagons - Down At The Beach

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