Fabulous Thunderbirds - The Bad & Best Of (CD)

Fabulous Thunderbirds - The Bad & Best Of (CD)


The essential collection of 27 fabulous hot’n’bad tracks from a great American band. The compilation features singer/harmonica-player Kim Wilson’s ’I Believe I’m In Love’, which has since become the signature song of his friend Bonnie Raitt. Other highlights include a cover of Li’l Millet and the Creoles ’Rich Woman’ (since cut by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss), ’Sugar Coated Love’, a 1958 release by Guitar Junior, and ’Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White’, a trumpet hit for Perez Prado in 1955, now led by harmonica. Title track of ’Tuff Enuff’ was a US Top 10 smash hit single, and the most recent track – the 1989 song ’Powerful Stuff’ – was on the 12 million-selling ’Cocktail’ soundtrack (film starring Tom Cruise). Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes written by respected author and journalist Michael Heatley (’Record Collector’ and ’Guitar & Bass’).

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