Fatboy - Diggin` The Scene (LP)

Fatboy - Diggin` The Scene (LP)


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FATBOY – Diggin’ The Scene
”It’s all about alligator shoes in the twilight zone”

It’s been three years since the release of Moments by FATBOY and now the band is ready to share the work of a new album – Diggin’ The Scene. Album no. 6 takes you on a bumpy ride around life itself – broken hearts and burning bridges in a world that we used to know. Ten tracks on the edge of the unspeakably cool and the unbearably romantic.

The album was recorded at Park Studios in Stockholm by producer Stefan Boman (kent, The Hellacopters) and is released by the psykbunkern label.
FATBOY are Thomas Pareigis (vocals), Hannu Kiviaho (guitars), Jan Lissnils (pedal steel guitar), Thomas Schuldt (bass) and Marcus Källström (drums).
FATBOY are joined by Arboga Tango Queen Heidi Kaarto, Mr. Crying Guitar Esa Pulliainen (Agents), SwampKing Jo’ Buddy, DooWop Matte Lagerwall (The Boppers) and Maestro Peter Kvint.
FATBOY are going on tour with the new album, starting in Sweden March 6th and coming to Finland in April.

Diggin’ The Scene is released februari 22, 2019.

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Video https://youtu.be/YVFWoJeJLDA

1. Diggin' The Scene
2. A Touch Of Blue
3. Aila
4. Muddy The Water
5. Siren Call
6. Mercy Mercy
7. Just A Little Bit
8. Backbone Girl
9. Burning Bridges
10. You Owe Me (nothin' At All)

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