Demon Raid - Final Day (LP)

Demon Raid - Final Day (LP)


Here it is!!!, nearly 2 years since its recording!! the second album by this great Finnish psychobilly trio featuring Juha who played bass for several psycho outfits as Deepsix, Mental hospital, Evil gnomes
The digital version of this will be out through Jungle Records (finland), we will take care of this ultra limited vinyl run. Demon Raid offers one of the best albums to come out recently in a 90’s psychobilly style, if their first album was good this one is and absolute killer song by song!! Mix of tempos with prominent fast numbers with relentless slap bass and catchy melodies remembering some times a bit of the Nekromantix on their Brought Back to life era but yet very far from being imitators or rip offs of any other band, this also could be considered as a mature version of the old Mental Hospital in a more melodic direction. 14 selfpenned numbers , Final Day is strictly limited to 150 copies on black vinyl, including lyrics and pics inlay, hand numbered of course.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0.5 cm
Tuotekoodi WBR018
Tuottaja Wreckin Bones
Vuosi 2021

A1 Madness Begins
A2 The Other Side
A3 Freddy’s Love Song
A4 Run Baby Run
A5 Craving
A6 Kill Me
A7 Alive Or Dead
B1 Knife In The Back
B2 Pretty Pretty
B3 Raiders
B4 Shoot ’Em Up
B5 Prison
B6 Sleeping Beauty
B7 Final Day

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